Ideation, brand strategy, creative direction and design for Flûte Champagne Bar's sparkling elixir, a white wine made in the méthode champenoise, Intime. 
The brand is based in a roaring-twenties like world, in which Doris E., a young sparkling dancer, floated across Broadway’s grand stages. In constant pursuit of pleasure, Doris sought adventure and thrills -- the more exotic and risqué the better. It is rumored she created a refreshing tincture to enchant both billionaires and ruffians
who came to Bar Intime, a subterranean speakeasy, for “tea.” Over 
coups of her mysterious brew, speared with candied ginger, she would blush when an admirer gave her a diamond bracelet or an expensive French perfume. But the ultimate gift she hoped to receive, was love. Years later, Hervé Rousseau, the owner of Flûte Champagne Bar in Manhattan, has recreated the recipe .

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